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REI manufacture their own uniquely designed wind turbines that were first tested in Northern Territory Australia in the 1980’s and then later in New Zealand in early 2000.


Our vertical axis wind turbine is based on the Darrius designed turbine going back to the 1920’s. One of the advantages is that its unique design allows it to take wind from all directions under all wind conditions, without having to steer into wind, as is the case with the conventional horizontal wind turbine design.


We are proud of our unique record in the renewable energy industry that we have been involved in over the last thirty years. Having monitored the growing wind industry and being a keen developer of power systems for use in remote locations in Australia, our designer identified the need for a robust wind turbine capable of peak performance in low wind speeds as well as in high wind conditions.


The wind turbines also needed to be able to operate with a minimum of noise and vibration, as this was a problem with some of the HAWT’s on the market at the time. Our REI Vertical Axis Turbine is designed to address both of these concerns.


Before making a decision it is advisable to firstly check with your local authorities for planning permission. A site inspection is recommended to choose the most suitable site for the best wind enhancement and for equipment access.



Renewable Energy InnovationsAt the same time as the company was installing renewable power systems to more remote properties there were clients who wished to be “clean and green”, to be as self sufficient as possible and make use of waste products, particularly on small farms or life style blocks in Australia and New Zealand.


The Anaerobic Digester Systems are a result of many years of development and research, along with some initial “teething” problems. With the input of some very aware and concerned people, firstly in Australia and New Zealand, without whom it would have been difficult to test the systems sufficiently, we are now able to offer a tested and tried system to the public that we are proud of.


After coming to England two years ago, we have now also developed the concept further for use in colder zones. The systems also help solve the problem of waste sewerage contaminating nearby watercourses, lakes and coastal areas from farming industries or holiday resorts.


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