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Anaerobic Digester System


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Utilise Biodegradable Digester Products

Our dual digester system has been designed to prevent disrupting the digester plant while in the digesting mode.


This means it will maintain the optimum digester temperature, while the second chamber is in the loading mode. The system incorporates two chambers; one chamber is allowed to go into the anaerobic state where the bacteria produce gas.


The chamber pressure is maintained by the production of CH4, (gas) by transferring water to the second digester chamber that is in the loading mode, the first chamber will see the excess water as a static head pressure causing the first chamber to hold gas at 0.5 to 2.0 psi above atmosphere.


The digester system can be dry fed, with any biodegradable material that is small enough to be fed through the dry feed inlet port.


Care must be observed that the material is biodegradable in order for the system to operate correctly.


The three by-products from the digester plant will be:


• CH4 (methane gas) to be used in heating equipment, cooking equipment and to run your backup generator.


• Recyclable water for general use (is not suitable for drinking) only for irrigation by the above mentioned Netifim system or something similar.


• High grade fertiliser that will be free of almost all heavy metals. The fertiliser can be drawn off as either a dry powder or as liquid slurry; the liquid slurry concentration can be adjusted at the time of removal.