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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine


Renewable Energy Innovations

Our Company represents a whole new concept in wind energy conversion using experience in research and design over almost 30 years in the resurrection of the little known Darrieus vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT), which we found had many favourable inherent characteristics that have been largely overlooked.


Our Vertical Axis Wind Turbines have a straight “H” design. This gives us the added advantage of the whole of the aerofoils being in the same wind speed zone all the time, reducing a major stress factor.


• Our uniquely designed wind turbine  has  the generator and control equipment at ground level, making maintenance of the generator and control system easier.


• Our Turbines have low maintenance as there is only one major moving part. No gearbox to wear out and no slipring assembly to wear out or maintain. Our Wind Turbine is also fitted with electrical lockout braking for ease of maintenance.


• Our wind turbine has the advantage of having a direct driven magnetic alternator with no gearbox or slip ring assembly to transmit the output power away from the nacelle assembly.


• No coning noise, apart from rigging wind making our turbines almost silent.


• No coning stress, as the wing assembly is the same distance from the mast assembly at all times.


• There is no gyroscopic stress on the hub assembly as seen on the HAWT machine, as the aerofoils are orientated into the wind or out of the wind. 


• Our Wind Turbine is able to take its wind from any direction without having to be orientated by yaw motors and gear trains.


• Takes gusty wind from any direction and averages it out by its own mass inertia and does not need to run within a set wind profile.


• We are constantly keeping up with new technology and working on ways to improve our energy efficiency with new products being developed.